Join the Conversation: 'Curious?’ is a series of wall murals based on scientific images by Irish and international scientific researchers. Brought together by the Health Research Board it aims to provoke thought and conversation about science

Image sources include:  The Wellcome Trust, Trinity College Dublin, Science Foundation Ireland, The TARA Oceans Expedition, CERN

The Health Research Board has brought together a ‘curious’ collection of scientific images to capture people’s imagination and showcase the magic of science that is rarely seen outside of research groups. Images ranging from the microscopic (burst blood vessels, MRSA, dental plaque) to the enormous (CERN Large Hadron Collider) can be seen on Dublin city buildings on Pearse Street and Baggot Street Bridge. Each image has a story behind it that not only explains the science but connects you to the image.

The Health Research Board
The Health Research Board supports and funds innovative health research in Ireland and provides evidence to inform policy and practice. Our mission is to improve people’s health, patient care and health service delivery. Our research activities can make a real difference to people’s lives by preventing illness, producing new treatments and medical devices and changing approaches to care. This in turn will build Ireland’s reputation for research and help stimulate the economy.

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